SSL Certification
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In today's global economy, enterprises depend on the Internet like never before. They are increasingly conducting e-commerce transactions and opening up of network resources to customer, vendors, business partners and remote employees.
Yet, while it has become more convenient to do business online, constantly evolving security threats and changing regulatory standards challenge enterprise network security every day. Without a trusted and secure environment, public and private networks can be seriously compromised, ultimately affecting business continuity and your bottom line.
Srishti IT Solutions enables organizations and corporations of all sizes, small to medium sized business, universities and government organizations - to operate fully managed trusted e-business environments. We provide Enterprise security products of GeoTrust, which prevents unauthorized access to networks, verifies the integrity and authenticity of documents and applications and combat the spread of viruses. Our SSL Solutions through Geo Trust provides cost effective and reliable security solutions to today's global enterprise.
What is SSL?
An SSL Certificate is an electronic file that uniquely identifies individuals and Web sites and enables encrypted communications (128-bit/256-bit/512-bit). SSL Certificates serve as a kind of digital passport or credential. Typically, the "signer" of a certificate is a "Certificate Authority" (CA), such as Geotrust.
Encryption, the process of transforming information to make it unintelligible to all but the intended recipient, forms the basis of data integrity and privacy necessary for e-commerce. Customers submit sensitive information and purchase goods or services via the Web only when they are confident that their personal information is secure. The solution for businesses that are serious about online transactions is to implement a trust infrastructure based on encryption technology.
The diagram below illustrates the process that guarantees protected communications between a Web server and a client. All exchanges of SSL Certificates occur within seconds, and require no action by the consumer
Important of SSL
Businesses that can manage and process e-commerce transactions can gain a competitive edge by reaching a worldwide audience, at very low cost. But the Web poses a unique set of trust issues, which businesses must address at the outset to minimize risk.
Customers submit information and purchase goods or services via the Web only when they are confident that their personal information, such as credit card numbers and financial data, is secure.
Installing SSL Certificates not only makes business safer for your customers, it actually makes it easier to submit sensitive information over the Internet. Internet browsers have built-in security mechanisms to prevent users from unwillingly submitting their personal information over insecure channels. If a user tries to submit information to an unsecured site (a site without an SSL Certificate), the browsers will, by default, show a warning, which will lead the customer to question the trustworthiness of the site.
Your browser ubiquity is a key element when choosing an SSL provider. Instant SSL Pro is inherently trusted by 99.3% of the current Internet population.
Industry Leading Expert Support
The Company behind the Instant SSL product range is renowned for its industry leading customer care and technical support. As a valued SSL customer you can expect both telephone and email support for any issues you may face or questions you may have during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL.
In contrast, if a user submits credit card or other information to a site with a valid SSL Certificate and an SSL connection, the warning does not appear. The secure connection is seamless, making the online shopping experience more pleasant
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