Seabream "Mass mailing"

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Mass mailing
E-mail transmitted to a large number of addressees, Although an exact lower limit cannot be specifically quantified, most cases of mailings to 1,000 or more users should be considered "Mass mailings".
In-house mailings are a great way to stay in touch with your customers -- and to contact prospective customers. Mass mailing, in small-business terms, ranges from sending out a dozen invitations to bulk-mailing several hundred coupons. It all adds up to repeating your company message and gaining top-of-mind familiarity.
Through Mass mailing any one can achieve the following,
  1. Sales letters to generate sales.
  2. Informational flyers to expand awareness of your company and its products or services.
  3. Special discount or other offer to build customer loyalty.
  4. Educational newsletters to gain credibility in the marketplace and answer common questions.
  5. Greeting cards to build good will
Srishti IT Solutions will help you in achieving all the above through customer data base supply. We provide you CD which contains customer data base bifurcated on areas, regions, company types and even we will supply consolidated data base which will give you mix of different types of customer data base.
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