Quality Advantage
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Srishti IT Solutions's quality management system is run by a set of qualified and highly committed quality professionals, who Employ clearly documented processes and procedures that conform to international benchmarks such as ISO and CMM. The competent quality team is supported by state-of-the-art tools and approaches and is backed by regular cross-functional audits and a company-wide culture of continuous improvement.
Srishti IT Solutions's workforce is constantly exposed to various training courses on programming practices, software quality assurance and software engineering, and on specific tools and techniques. This process is supported by a hands-on quality assurance operations and a comprehensive system of internal audits. "Site Galore, The Comprehensive Private-Branded Online Website Creation Tool for Service Providers, is awarded the Prestigious Certification."
It is now a binding routine for Srishti IT Solutions's quality teams to ensure that an effective quality management system is implemented in each of our projects. This focus on quality is transferred to our customer in the form of on-time, on-budget product and solution deliveries with very low defect rates.
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