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In a rapidly changing business environment it is important for us to deliver business solutions fast, to enable our clients to achieve their desired business outcomes.
The 'Expert Way' allow us to achieve speedy, consistent, quality results. Our comprehensive methodologies are applied to all our internal and customer-focused business processes. Our roadmaps drive the quality and tailoring of the system delivered. Our processes are how we deliver our system and our templates support the format for our deliverables.
The 'Expert Way' is our ISO Quality Management System utilised in our daily operations.
The 'Expert Way' is our ISO Quality Management System utilised in our daily operations. It is the foundation upon which Expert builds all of its solutions in a clear and concise manner. By satisfying the international quality management standard, our clients are provided with the assurance that all our solutions and services will consistently be of an extremely high quality.
The Expert Way - Quality Management System
· Defines an overall framework to be applied to all aspects of service delivery
· Allows 'tailoring' to meet client needs without compromising the quality of the deliverables
· Ensures high involvement by the client throughout the entire software development lifecycle
· Identifies key milestones and deliverables
· Provides an overall risk management approach
· Enables the project priorities to be established
· Establishes cost and schedule baselines
· Ensures the project progress is monitored and result communicated
· Builds excellent strategic long-term client relationship
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