DNS Registration
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The Internet's Domain Name Service (DNS) provides a way to map a numerical IP address to an alphanumeric name. For example, A Company Connection Online is currently at IP address, and has a DNS name of "www.xyz.com". As with every computer on the Internet, your computer, to communicate with others on the Internet, requires an IP address. DNS names are optional, but highly encouraged for certain forms of authentication, and to ease of management of large networks.
Generally a Company Connection Online has many pages which require a "reverse lookup" using the Internet's Domain Name Service (DNS). This type of authentication takes the IP address of your incoming packets, and resolves it to a specific registered Internet Domain. By this, we can determine the organization you are with and thereby grant entitlement to certain features and functions. We also use this type of inquiry to record usage of site.
If you have been assigned an IP address, but not given a DNS hostname for your site (or are not coming through a DNS-registered proxy server), then this DNS lookup will fail to resolve. As well, this DNS resolution will fail if there are any problems with the registration of your Domain, or in case of DNS server problems.
A DNS hosting service
Is a service that runs Domain Name System servers. Most, but not all, domain name registrars include DNS hosting service with registration. Almost all DNS hosting services are "shared;" except for the most popular Internet sites, there is no need to dedicate a server to hosting DNS for a single website. Many third-party DNS hosting services provide Dynamic DNS.
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