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Smart Decora
The Complete Automation Software…….
………Automate business processes easily.
Smart decor is a different module based and menu driven office automation software that is based on client server application. It is capable of handling all types of transactions takes place in any business institution (office). Automating the business work can save time and minimize mistakes.
To accelerate with the advanced technologies it is essential that the official records must be computerized and all type of business information must be obtained in digital format for making it easy to the business people at their work places, which will not only save the time but also make the simultaneous access of information at the same time.
SRISHTI introducing the most advanced office automation software (Smart decora) available to all business people today. Designed with business needs in mind, includes rich features, ease-of-use and saving the hours of time. It is a client - server based user-friendly software designed with the advanced technology like dot net as front end and SQL server as backend. This is a menu driven software having different types of modules. In order to develop the business process systematically it is necessary to maintain all types of transactions by means of automation.
The user-friendly graphical interface makes its powerful functions incredibly easy to use.
Our vision:
Smart decora is one of the leading office management software, number one in design and functionality. We are dedicated to our Customers and our main intention is to make our customers profitable and we need customer support for maintenance and enhancement.
" User friendly software person with basic computer knowledge can work with this software
" It eliminates manual entries
" It maintains all the records related to office.
" Quick generation of different types of office reports
" Automatic data validation and quick retrieval of information
" It provides different modules and administrator can assign different works on different modules to his clients.
" To keep the business activities automated we can maintain information like
" Customer details
" Head office employee details, purchased item details and expenses
" Branch office employee details, supplied item details and expenses
" Detail information related to prospect and quotations
" Website details and product details
" Attractive, easy to install and easy to use with user-friendly graphical design.
" Client server architecture.
" Reduces office administrative workload.
" Detail information related to office, sales and bill
" Easy configuration facility like company, branch, product, tax and user.
" We can generate different types of records like
" Customer details, Website details, product details
" Prospect details and quotations details
" Head office and branch office employee details
" Head office and branch office expense details
" Purchased and supplied item details
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