Corporate Overview
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Srishti IT Solutions, is an Information Technology Company.
A leading concern for web-based solutions. It was found in the year 2000 by a small group of computer software engineers. Since the inception, it has been the leader in the field of Web site development, educational software and security systems software and in its complementary services covering Health card, Campus card and Loyalty card solutions. Srishti IT Solution was founded on a culture, based on the principles of open communication, empowerment, trust, integrity, and giving back to the community and these same values thrive at Srishti even today.
What we are? & What we do?
Srishti IT Solutions is committed to deliver differentiated value to customers and society through its unique product and service offerings, while closely mapping products and services to its customers' needs and priorities-such as productivity, cost savings, return on investment, and standard of living improvements.
In addition to software products and web based solutions, Srishti IT Solutions provides a broad range of service offerings to its clients, including award-winning technical support and advanced services. Srishti IT Solutions sells its products and services-directly through its own sales force and indirectly through a network of channel partners-to large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, service providers, and consumers. Srishti IT Solutions focuses on three broad areas to guide its business growth: core technologies, routing and switching; the service provider market; and Advanced Technology markets.
Srishti IT Solutions has developed its own network of websites. Which covers all aspects of internet i.e. india portal, search engines, directories, yellow pages, news, webmasters tools, Banner Exchange, free poll, dating, matrimonial, games, kids, sports, arts, domain portal, hotel search, india regional portal, web based email, web awards, auctions, recipes, tourism, travel, astrology, greeting cards, classifieds, and many more.
Srishti IT Solutions offer both ready-made packages, and provides a customized solution for each of the customers. It sees it as an important part of the service to understand customer's requirements and proactively meet their needs.
Our mission and vision
Srishti IT Solutions mission is to provide an innovative high quality product and services that are easy to use and create value to the customers by offering several benefits to them including speed to market, high quality people and processes, cutting edge technology expertise and a full service portfolio.
Srishti IT Solutions vision is to constantly adapt and broaden its range of services that reflect the future needs of its customers. And its vision is to maintain a strong commitment to an environmentally responsible world and to its employees, communities, and to the members it serves.
Our mission statement reflects our customer backward approach and relentless focus on our people, our mission is to:" Deliver business-enabling solutions and technologies by creating partnerships with our customers in a joyous environment for our people."
Our consultative approach, our deep understanding of business and technology, our passion for innovation - and above all, our integrity have powered our growth.
Our mission is to build world class Products & Services and to build world-class infrastructures for the delivery of our services, which maintains highest standards for delivering quality, & services.
Integrity policy:
We are the global service providers, delivering Integrity in a rapidly growing organization. We pride ourselves on our diversity; our ability to attract great talent from many different kinds of organizations which led us to doing something very unusual.
Management Team:
Srishti was started in the year 2000 by a diverse team of professionals and had already scripted successful careers.
Our working experience with large global corporations, constant research and proven efforts demonstrate the consistency in our products and services.

From its foundations in India now works on assignments across the country, the Firm has a deep understanding and extensive experience in the abroad market.
Srishti's approach to engagements focuses on delivering a fresh and innovative attitude to strategy combined with a sense of urgency to "getting things done".
Executing the client's engagement in a professional and innovative way will bring its own rewards. As clients grow and prosper, so will Srishti.
The Firm prides itself on developing dynamic solutions that deliver significant corporate value both in terms of boosting share and the evolution of the client's business model.

Srishti has worked with global businesses escalating towards innovation, better performance and rapid deployment in IT services. Our proven delivery model helps to synchronize, seamless and cost-effective solutions with assured quality and consistency.
Terms and Conditions:
Our Company's business is founded on the receipt of confidential information from clients. To use any confidential information improperly is something that will not be tolerated.
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