CMS "Griet"

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CMS - Campus Management System
CMS is a different module based and menu driven software that based on client server application, capable of handling all types of transactions that takes place in any educational institute.
Campus management system is a client - server based software capable of handling all types of transactions that takes place in the institution.
The CMS is a client - server based user-friendly software. This is a menu driven software having different types of modules (14). The most important part of education institution is to provide good service to society. So it is necessary to handle all types of transactions from staff recruitment, student admission, transport to displaying the result without any interruption that means the process has to be done faster. By using this software 100% transaction must be computerized that reduce time, quicker access and avoid confusions.
The CMS server turns an ordinary computer into a powerful and having different clients. The CMS clients runs continuously by individual user to maintain the regular transactions that taken place in the educational institution. The client and server components work together to provide good interface (sharing) for different number of users.
" To maintain all types of records related to institution.
" It provides different modules of which admin module is most important.
" Admin has to provide different rights to his clients.
" Admin can see all the daily transactions done by his clients.
" User-friendly software person with basic knowledge can work with this software.
" Client-server based architecture, which helps to do the different jobs (transactions) in the same duration.
" Complete institution and student information system.
" Configure classes, sections, subjects heads, subjects, exams, sub exams, max and min marks
" Completely security based and password protected.
" Compatible with Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP
" Simplified recruitment system and pay roll facility with all types of allowances, deductions like PF & LIC etc.
" Can handle students admission with detail information of parents, fees collection, examination work and displaying the results.
" Smart card facility
" Can maintain individual, class wise timetable and attendance reports.
" Easy accounting system related to all transactions.
" Can maintain transport system with average and maintenance reports.
" Can generate more than 240 reports related to office, exam, attendance, fees, HR, payroll and other modules
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