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Bricks And Clicks
Bricks and clicks is a business strategy or business model in e-commerce by which a company attempts to integrate both online and physical presences. It is also known clicks-and-bricks.
For example, an electronics store may allow the user to order online, but pick up their order immediately at a local store. Conversely, a furniture store may have displays at a local store from which a customer can order an item electronically for delivery.
The bricks and clicks strategy has typically been used by traditional retailers who have extensive logistical and supply chains. Part of the reason for its success is that it is far easier for a traditional retailer to establish an online presence than it is for a start-up company to employ a successful pure dot com strategy, or an online retailer to establish a traditional presence. This strategy has contradicted analysts who believed that the internet would render traditional retailers obsolete through disinter mediation.
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